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Composer’s Composition | $30

This writing journal was cased-in using unlined 50# sulphite paper with Irish linen thread. The musical cover compliments the black Belgian linen, making it the perfect book to compose the next great symphony! It features a slim fit, making it easy to carry along to any concert. May these pages become the happy home of many notes, ideas, and stories!

Keep It Fresh | $30

This book was made with unlined 50# sulphite paper, bound with natural linen thread and cotton sewing tape. The cover features silver press paper, with a three-toned print of some fruit! The back provides a beautiful accented blue, and it is all framed with black Belgian linen. This journal is perfect for any drink recipe or juicy gossip you hear during the day!

Blueprint Plans | $30

This casebook was handmade with a vintage blueprint wrapped over Davy Board and was bound with natural linen thread. Its bright blue cover adds as a beautiful compliment to the black Belgian linen. It features unlined 50# sulphite paper, making it the perfect writing journal for any new architect. Use it to design your next building, or sketch out a new drawing!


Our Green Globe | $35

This casebook was bound by hand with Irish linen thread and unlined 50# white sulphite paper. Each page is accented by loose cut-outs from National Geographic. The green cover and variety of locales represented by the magazine cut-outs highlight the diversity our planet can support with a blanket of verdant life. Take this book with you while you explore the world.




Cherry Blossoms | $35

This sketchbook was made with with unlined 80# white sulphite paper and Irish linen thread. It was hand bound in a Coptic stitch with Davy board, allowing it to lay flat when open. The Belgian linen book cloth compliments the dark branches on Japanese decorated paper, highlighting the shining gold accents. The sturdy book makes for a great place to let your dreams run wild.

Golden Gradient | $35

 This wraparound Coptic-style book was hand-bound with unlined 80# sulphite paper. The striped, golden cover is decorated with geometric patterns and continuously wraps around the book to display a seamless design. The Coptic stitch allows this cased-in book to lie flat when open, making it the perfect sketchbook to hold your most valuable thoughts and things!