Schedule of Events


7:00pm Erin Beckloff and Andrew Quinn (filmmakers)- Pressing On

7:50pm BAC and Karl Ahlrichs- Spaces between Places


10:00am Karen Vincent (Minnetrista Cultural Center)- History of Glass Manufacturing in the Region

11:00am Celene Aubry (Hatch Showprint)


1:30 Kathryn and Howard Clark (Twinrocker Paper)

2:00 Scott Moore (Moore Wood Type)

3:00-6:00 Shop Takeover


Featured Guests

Book Arts Collaborative and Tribune Showprint Posters, Inc. are delighted to welcome friends from the regional letterpress and book arts community. Please join us on Friday evening and Saturday to meet, listen to, and learn from the following contemporary practitioners of book arts.

PHOTO COURTESY Miami University Communications and Marketing

PHOTO COURTESY Miami University Communications and Marketing

Erin Beckloff

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Miami University, Oxford, OH

Beckloff has developed courses in letterpress printing and worked to revive the Curmudgeon Press type shop on campus. As a designer, she runs her own press and design business, Inky Winke. Beckloff wrote and co-directed Pressing On: The Letterpress Film. Through interviews with the printers who work to keep letterpress alive, the film explores how and why the apparent obsolescence of letterpress machines in the age of the computer has yet to kill the art form.

video courtesy bayonet media

video courtesy bayonet media

Andrew Quinn

Co-founder of Bayonet Media, Indianapolis, IN

Quinn is the co-founder and story director of Bayonet Media, a visual storytelling and marketing company who produced Pressing On: The Letterpress Film. With more than ten years of visual storytelling experience, Quinn’s work on the movie brings the art of letterpress to life on the screen. He admires film because it combines the power of communication and art.

photo courtesy celene aubry

photo courtesy celene aubry

Celene Aubry

Associate Director at Hatch Show Print, Nashville, TN

Aubry is the associate director at Hatch Show Print, the legendary print shop that got its start in 1879 in Nashville, TN. Beginning with a handbill for Rev. Henry Ward Beecher (the brother of Harriet Beecher Stowe), Hatch became a prominent printer for the entertainment community of Nashville. They now function as a press, a gallery, and a learning environment.

photo Courtesy

photo Courtesy

Scott Moore

Founder of Moore Wood Type, Columbus, OH

Moore creates and sells type to letterpress printers around the world through Moore Wood Type. He first learned letterpress at Miami University of Ohio when letterpress was part of the Industrial Design curriculum. Today, he helps printers acquire unique pieces of type and teaches wood type history and production.

Photo Courtesy american Printing history association

Photo Courtesy american Printing history association

Kathryn and Howard Clark

Founders of Twinrocker Paper, Brookston, IN

The Clarks brought the art of handmade paper to the United States when they founded Twinrocker in the 1970s.  Howard is an engineer, and Kathryn is a print maker;  together they have applied modern paper making techniques to traditional methods to become leaders in the field of specialty art paper making.

Photo courtesy minnetrista

Photo courtesy minnetrista

Karen Vincent

Director of Collections at Minnetrista, Muncie, IN

Karen Vincent will talk about the strong history of glass-making in this region.  As director of collections at Minnetrista, she shares  the story of the Ball Brothers move from Buffalo, NY to Muncie, IN in 1887.  They became a household name in canning jar production. The art of jar production is not so different from analog printing, especially in the mechanized iron equipment used in the 19th century.