Student Spotlight | Meet the Quirky Side of our Workshop: Sam

By: Peyton Scott

Meet Sam!

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Ball State University, senior, English major, Sam, is on the product team, and completing her first semester with Book Arts Collaborative (BAC). Sam is working towards a concentration in creative writing, pursuing minors in Women and Gender studies and professional writing.  

From Fort Wayne, Sam’s hobbies are just as quirky and fun as she is; she enjoys jamming out to music in the shop and binge watching YouTube.  More recently, she has begun taking on painting, a hobby which has taken over her apartment, where she has created a mini art studio.

Everyone discovers BAC in different ways. Sam first found the student-managed business after taking a class with English professor, Dr. Rai Peterson, who took her class on a tour of Madjax. Sam instantly fell in love. Sam said she was thrilled, after time passed, that she had to eventually find space in her schedule to register for class at Book Arts Collaborative.

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BAC is an immersive course offered by the Department of  English, but Sam believes there is a place for everyone in the workshop. She said, “I think a craft like this is always fun to learn, just learning how to work with your hands and different tools.” Sam also mentioned that there is a lot of math and design concepts taught at BAC.

When asked about her favorite aspects of BAC, she said she loves the “collaboration.”  She enjoys getting to work with other team member peers through the class. She loves getting to share ideas with everyone and seeing how they approach the same problems differently.

Currently, Sam’s favorite project is her new line of tiny bookbooks. She decided to challenge herself in response to a retailer’s request for small, yet elegant books. She said it has been a rewarding experience to set a goal and achieve it.

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This piece was written by Book Arts Collaborative Press 2019 Artist Book Author. The Book Arts Collaborative is dedicated to preserving and promoting the apprentice-taught skills of letterpress printing and book binding through community interaction. It's not just what we make that matters, but how we learn from one another to make it happen.

Rai Peterson